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Speaking Engagements

I speak at company events and at conferences in any format available, from keynotes to panel discussions, breakout sessions, webinars, virtual conferences. I also conduct training sessions, work with teams and coach individuals.

What I Speak About

All of my engagements center on a few core ideas:

  • How to capture the best that diverse talent has to offer on a team – what talent can do, what managers can do and what the organization can do

  • How to lead when you are outside your comfort zone of expertise

  • How to have better conversations

  • How to manage the emotions of change, uncertainty and disappointment

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Development Events 

Great development events have three elements that set them apart:

  • The peer group interactions, and the networks that are created as a result, are strong and on point to the questions of the day. 

  • There is just enough input, new frameworks and guidance to drive rich peer discussions.

  • The discussions and the frameworks are applicable and memorable. 


Each year I strive to find better methods for driving discussion, better assessments that provide solid insight and better use of technology. Click here for key topics.

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Working With Teams

Teams exist for one of two reasons: Either to exchange information or to collectively own and solve a problem. The former rarely needs my help. The latter is easier said than done; because to truly collectively do anything, there are a lot of interpersonal dynamics that must be sorted out before trust is strong enough to result in exceptional performance.


I believe every leader, regardless how experienced, benefits from pausing to reflect on his/her leadership practice. The best leaders in my view are constantly asking what one thing they can adjust to get a better response from their organization. Coaching can be enormously useful in that reflection process. Click here for more information.

Wanda T. Wallace book – You Can't Know It All: Leading in the Age of Deep Expertise

My Latest Book

Discover what you can expect from my latest book, 'You Can't Know It All: Leading in the Age of Deep Expertise' – published in June 2019 by Harper Business. You can also read some reviews and find out where it's available to purchase.

Wanda Wallace radio show host

Podcast & Radio

My radio show and podcast, ‘Out of the Comfort Zone’ is geared towards developing leadership capability when people find themselves leading outside their area of expertise – their comfort zone. Each week, I interview an author, thinker or leader.

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