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Wanda Wallace recording her podcast, Out of the Comfort Zone


Out of the Comfort Zone

About the Podcast

When you lead from a base of expertise, your confidence and credibility are derived from your knowledge. You know what to do and how to do it. You can bring people along because others acknowledge that you know more. You are in your comfort zone and people follow you as a result. However, when you take a stretch assignment and span outside of your comfort zone, leading requires a different approach – one of influence, inspiration, compromise and courage.


Leading outside of your comfort zone is a delicate balance. You need new skills and new ways of working. We’re here to show you how to survive and thrive when you are out of your comfort zone.

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Subscription Packages

If you're a regular listener of 'Out of the Comfort Zone', you might be interested in a membership where you'll gain access to our 8-week coaching circle for millennial leaders, including exclusive content, P2P learning and bonus materials. 

My Latest Book

Discover what you can expect from my latest book, 'You Can't Know It All: Leading in the Age of Deep Expertise' – published in June 2019 by Harper Business. You can also read some reviews and find out where it's available to purchase.

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