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Changing the Quality of the Conversation

Leadership Coach, Author & Speaker Wanda T. Wallace PhD


Meet Wanda Wallace


As Managing Partner of Leadership Forum, I help organizations improve the quality of their conversations. Better conversations result in better relationships and better performance in every aspect from strategic insight, to talent, teams and individual capability. 

Wanda Wallace giving leadership training


I am passionate about helping people, particularly in under-represented groups, take control of their careers and make great contributions to their organizations. That is why I coach leaders and top teams around the world, conduct seminars and run training programs. Click the link below to find out more about my speaking engagements. 


It’s hard to capture decades of thought, experiences and growth in a paragraph. For those who are curious, follow the link below to find out more about my passions, what gives me a sense of purpose and some of the early influences that have formed who I am. 

New York City

"Given how much time and effort we spend at work, if the experience of work was more fulfilling and less stressful, lives would change."

Wanda Wallace black and white image.png
Wanda Wallace public speaking engagement

With Me

I speak regularly at events, conferences and privately for company development. Find out more about what I speak about and how to book me for an event.

Podcast microphone image by Jonathan Velasquez

Podcast & Radio

My radio show and podcast 'Out of the Comfort zone' is geared towards developing the capability to lead by leading outside of your subject of expertise.

You Can't Know It All

Leading in the Age of Deep Expertise 


My book, published in June 2019 by Harper Business, presents the coaching model I have developed to address the challenges of transitioning into new leadership roles and how to combine expertise with growing responsibilities.


What's On My Mind

Keep up-to-date with my latest thoughts on leadership, psychology and more general observations. 

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